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Art Trade for DoctorChesterthe1st by Barrel2s1cool Art Trade for DoctorChesterthe1st :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 1 1 Kane Balor Unmasked by Barrel2s1cool Kane Balor Unmasked :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0 Poison Diamond by Barrel2s1cool Poison Diamond :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0 Feral Rage by Barrel2s1cool Feral Rage :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 1 0 Barrel as a Wendigo by Barrel2s1cool Barrel as a Wendigo :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 1 0 Eddsworld Jon reading Two are Worser than One by Barrel2s1cool Eddsworld Jon reading Two are Worser than One :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0 Logan vs Ash by Barrel2s1cool Logan vs Ash :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 1 0
Top 10 Scary Youtuber Moments
From Horror Padories of Childhood Shows to Evil version of yourself, here is the Top 10 Scary Youtuber Moments!
10. Darkiplier
You know Markiplier, the popular Youtuber who had  rough past, I'm sure you know Darkiplier, who is Markiplier's evil twin who appeaer in Raspy Hill when Markiplier is attacked by the strange doll things. Tell me what they are?
9. Don't Hug me. I'm Scared
Everybody should know about this youtube channel, which involve puppets musical with plot twists like M Night Shyamalan film, the first video involve  creativity and at the climax, death, flesh and a heart and a bunch of weird stuff happen.
8. RackaRacka
Ran by Australian twins Danny and Michael, you know the channel, it's well known to include Ronald McDonald and a large amount of graphic violence and gore, how much blood is take to  cover a human body.
7.  A Knight's Night
An Another Channel ran by two people, A Knight's Night is well for ScareTube Poop: SlendyBob, a series involving Spon
:iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0
Chad and Barrel by Barrel2s1cool Chad and Barrel :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0 Werwolf Logan (Wolverine) by Barrel2s1cool Werwolf Logan (Wolverine) :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 4 0 Barrel vs Daken by Barrel2s1cool Barrel vs Daken :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 2 0 Shelly, can you help me by Barrel2s1cool Shelly, can you help me :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 2 2 MLP Wolverine and Fluttershy by Barrel2s1cool MLP Wolverine and Fluttershy :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 3 0 The Mutant and The Hybrid by Barrel2s1cool The Mutant and The Hybrid :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 2 0 Happy Pride Month by Barrel2s1cool Happy Pride Month :iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 0 0
Wolverine (Logan) Werewolf TF
Logan Werewolf Tf
I based this story on
Xmen Battle Pt.1
Xmen Battle Pt.2
Xmen Battle Pt.3
Xmen Battle Pt.4
Xmen Battle Pt.5
Xmen Battle Pt.6
Nightmare Barrel can't see because her eyes were shot, blood was gushing out of her sockets and stained her cheeks and the floor but she don't care or didn't know she was shot in the eyes,  but Logan knows her eyes are shot, but she could fight even if she's blind, Logan slashed the guards, blood, guts and bone was everywhere, the feral mutant growled, "Can someone had some quiet around here." and Nightmare stared at him, "Uhhhhhhhh no." before getting hit in the gut by a coil,
:iconbarrel2s1cool:Barrel2s1cool 3 4


Wolverine vs Freddy Vs Jason by EmmanuelMerlotti Wolverine vs Freddy Vs Jason :iconemmanuelmerlotti:EmmanuelMerlotti 6 9 Logan (Wolverine Anime) by thatonedude476 Logan (Wolverine Anime) :iconthatonedude476:thatonedude476 3 0 Wolverine Anime Style by MonsunoLover Wolverine Anime Style :iconmonsunolover:MonsunoLover 2 0 LOGAN WOLVERINE by PsycoDiva LOGAN WOLVERINE :iconpsycodiva:PsycoDiva 8 5 Logan by DontFeedTheAxel Logan :icondontfeedtheaxel:DontFeedTheAxel 10 24 Logan by wardogs101 Logan :iconwardogs101:wardogs101 37 17 Anime Wolverine by KovenantKonceptions Anime Wolverine :iconkovenantkonceptions:KovenantKonceptions 44 16 Wolverine by PerrieSmith Wolverine :iconperriesmith:PerrieSmith 52 9 :: Logan :: by blumarine :: Logan :: :iconblumarine:blumarine 103 62 Wolverine by wardogs101 Wolverine :iconwardogs101:wardogs101 294 61 wolverine: logan by reijr wolverine: logan :iconreijr:reijr 86 4 Logan... Are you ok? / Werewolf logan by littlekissette Logan... Are you ok? / Werewolf logan :iconlittlekissette:littlekissette 1 1 Xmen Battle Pt.6 by DoctorChesterthe1st Xmen Battle Pt.6 :icondoctorchesterthe1st:DoctorChesterthe1st 6 10 Xmen Battle Pt.2 by DoctorChesterthe1st Xmen Battle Pt.2 :icondoctorchesterthe1st:DoctorChesterthe1st 6 1 Xmen Battle Pt.3 by DoctorChesterthe1st Xmen Battle Pt.3 :icondoctorchesterthe1st:DoctorChesterthe1st 6 1 Xmen Battle Pt.4 by DoctorChesterthe1st Xmen Battle Pt.4 :icondoctorchesterthe1st:DoctorChesterthe1st 6 2
Masky,Michael and Sonic.exe and Habit.




Art Trade for DoctorChesterthe1st
An art trade for DoctorChesterthe1st where Barrel and Doctor Chester enter a temple where Barrel get cursed by a werewolf spell, and turns into one while Chester watch.
Chester (c) DoctorChesterthe1st
Barrel (c) Barrel2s1cool
Kane Balor Unmasked
For Chaper 2 of Monster, for Kane Balor's true face, I based on Kane's unmasking which revealed a burn victim, in part 2, Triple H hired Riza who is unknowingly Kane's sister, so Riza watch Seth get beat up by Roman, so Kane Balor had removed his mask to reveal a burn victim.
Kane Balor (c) me



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community

I was doing a transformation book on Wattpad and I was thinking why not have comic artist draw the comic based on each story.
1. Full Moon in Camp Crystal Lake (Jason Voorhees Werewolf)- When Jason was stalking a teenager similar to his mom, however the bite he had was worse.
2. Werewolf in Haddonfield (Michael Myers Werewolf)- Lucy was chased by Michael Myers and what if Michael turn into a werewolf
3. Fire and Brimstone (Cooperate Kane to Demon Kane)- Based on of what happened in September 28, 2015, Seth triggered a metamorphosis of a demon.
4. Two are worse than one (Logan/Wolverine Werewolf and Barrel/Beatrice Lycan-Hybrid)- When Barrel discovered a very dark secret about 2 weeks after Logan was attacked by a werewolf, Logan transform into a werewolf, killing Omega Red, While Beatrice embraced being a hybrid.
5. Lab Accident (Egon Werewolf)- Based on a fan art by Moth Monarch, a strange liquid cause weird side effects for Egon.

1. No Rule 34
2. Censored anything expect gore
3. Put a rating for content.
4. Give Credit.
5. Don't rush.

1. FvJ Jason
2. Halloween 4-6 Michael
3. Cooperate Kane Demon Kane (2015).
4. Wolverine anime Wolverine and Barrel Astral Update 2.
5. Real GhostBusters Egon


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